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ICARE is Orienn’s approach to Customer Service focusing on the rationale, the key skills involved and “Real Play” activity to experience the skill set.

Ideal Service

Understanding what customer service is, what makes excellent customer service and their role in delivering excellence. Identify who the customer types are and the needs of each group.

Culture of Service: 

What drives culture and how this is reflected in your own behaviours, beliefs and values. What is the brand promise and brand values of the business and why are they important to the business and the people.


Exploring the elements of effective communication, from the basic exchange process through to filtering and key listening skills. How rapport is built to provide a trusting relationship and being part of the customers experience... “Guest Obsession”.


Responsiveness session looks at the interaction of people and the positions (Ego States) taken. How these effect the situation and how to deliver a satisfactory resolution for everyone, Win – Win situations with the use of the HELP process.


Following the Ken Blanchard model PERFORM, delegates will learn what it takes to “live” exceptional service and the leadership values required by all to deliver what the customer does not even know they need until it is delivered.