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SPIDER© is a structured approach to project management, developed by orienn as a workable project management tool. It provides a methodology for managing projects within a clearly defined framework. SPIDER© describes procedures to co-ordinate people and activities in a project, how to design and supervise the project, and what to do if the project has to be adjusted if it doesn’t develop as planned.

In the methodology, each process is specified with its key inputs and outputs and with specific goals and activities to be carried out, which gives an automatic control of any deviations from the plan. Divided into manageable stages, the methodology enables an efficient control of resources. On the basis of close monitoring the project can be carried out in a controlled and organised way.

SPIDER© provides a common language for all participants in the project. The various management roles and responsibilities involved in a project are fully scalable and are adaptable to suit the complexity of the project and skills of the organisation.